Types of UV Rays

You all have heard about UV-A, UV-B and UV-C yes? If not, read on.

First, UV = ultra violet light.
White light is a combination of different colours. Amongst them, violet. The ultra- violet rays (invisible) are the ones that damage your furniture, fades your curtains and…damages your skin the most. UV rays are split into three types, depending on their wavelength. UVA have the longest wavelength and penetrates the skin the deepest, causing aging, dark spots etc. UVB are shorter and don’t penetrate as deep, but, damage the skin surface, which could cause skin cancers. UVC, the shortest wavelength of the three, is usually filtered off by the ozone layer. But in places like Australia, where there is a huge gap in the ozone layer, the UVC rays do get through. These are the most damaging to the skin, causing skin cancer too. In Singapore, and most places, we just need protection from UVA & UVB.

Remember, your sunblock MUST say Broad Spectrum

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