Argan Oil for Nails

Nails become brittle for a number of reasons, among them, over drying. This can occur due to repeated use of nail polish remover or working is dry environments. Ever notice your nails becoming frizzy after filing?  This occurs when nails absorb too much water. Usually, happens to those who have their hands in water, like washing the dishes etc.

Argan oil is easily absorbed by nails. When nails are over dry, argan oil help to give them more flexibility thus preventing them from chipping and breaking easily. For fuzzy nails, Argan Oil acts as a water repellent, preventing nails from absorbing too much water. Argan Oil’s richness in Vitamin E, F, and essential fatty acids thus promote strength in easily broken nails and will ensure cuticles are smooth and in great condition.

As a bonus, applying a teensy weensy bit of argan oil on your nails after applying nail polish (after they are properly dry of course) will make the coating more flexible and less prone to chipping, making the nail polish look nicer for a longer time.

But don’t forget your toes! Your toenails and feet will benefit greatly from regular use of Argan Oil.  If you suffer from very dry, cracked heels this is the product for you.

Use:  Massage a drop or two of Saadia Organics Argan Oil on your cuticles, nails and hands as needed. For a more intensive treatment, mix equal parts of Argan Oil and lemon juice and soak your nails in it for ten minutes. For heel treatment, massage thoroughly into heels before bed, then put on a pair of socks, and … well… see for yourself.  The results will put a smile on your face in the morning.

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