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African Black Soap Shea Singapore

Pure African Black Soap 100gm 3Pack (TOF)

Brand : Shea

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Main Benefits

  • Cleansing
  • Moisturising


  • No Fragrance
Product Description


    Shea offer Traditional African Black Soap made by hand the traditional way over open fires by small communities. This is one of the purest soap available in the market today.  Pure healing power for oily skin, scalp and both facial and body acne. No chemicals at all. Made with luxurious Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Virgin Palm Oil, you can't beat this. As this is a soft soap, do read the usage instructions to help you get the most out of your purchase. 

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    Is black soap worth all the hype? You bet. On our skin, it is absolutely magic. African Black Soap aka ABS is absolutely worth all the hype.

    While the recipe varies, ABS is handmade from the ashes of cocoa pods, shea tree bark and plaintain leaves and mixed with various soothing and healing oils such as shea butter, cocoa butter, palm oil and coconut oil, creating its deliciously distinct aroma and amazing properties. And don’t let it’s appearance fool you — although dark brown and crumbly in texture, this African-born skin miracle will become a staple in your cleansing routine. And remember, real African Black Soap is NOT BLACK. It looks like fruit cake.

    It’s benefits are awesome and severely underrated, so we’re shouting them from the rooftops. Here’s why ABS is so amazing:

    It’s suitable for mostskin types. If you have oily skin, regular use will help remove additional oils from the skin thus preventing the formation of pimples. Absolutely brilliant for acne prone  teens.

    It’s a super cleanser. Well of course, it’s soap (DUH!) . …I mean really really clean. Without dryness. There’s more. The charcoal in ABS can help absorb body odors and bacteria, while its formula is gentle enough for makeup removal. And it works beautifully with argan oil and shea butter.

How to use

    For the body and face, it is recommended to rub a sponge on the soap, then use the soaped sponge to clean the face and body. Allow soap to dry on a well drained soap dish (see our accessories section). When soap becomes too small to use comfortably, wet a new bar of soap and stick them together. You'll never waste soap this way.

    Another way is to take 1/2 a bar (about 50gm) and squish it and put it into a 200ml bottle. Then fill the bottle with water. Let it sit for 5 days. It should dissolve. and VOILA! You have liquid African Black Soap. You may find bits of charcoal or burnt shells in the soap. This is normal. This proves that the soap was made by the traditional method.

    Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Plaintain Leaves, Coco pods, water
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