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Liquid Cherry Red Soap Colourant 10ml

Shea Liquid Cherry Red Soap Colourant 10ml (TOF)

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Essential Oil

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Product Description


    This is a very concentrated brilliant cherry colorant. It is bright and almost neon pink in White Melt & Pour. In Clear Melt & Pour, a nice pink/red results. Another gorgeous option for red.


    Tip: Occassionally we get speckles in our Melt & Pour soap with this colour. To prevent this, we mix a little rubbing alcohol with the colorant to help dissolve any little dye specks before mixing it into the soap base. This colour may bleed or migrate in soap, so plan your design accordingly. The more colour is used, the more it can bleed.

How to use
    Glycerin, D&C Red No. 27 Lake (CI 45410)
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