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HTP FXT Soft Night Splint

HTP Plantar FXT Soft Night Splints Small

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  • HTP


  • Heel Pain
Product Description


    Small : Suitable for shoe size (American)
    Men :
    Women :  5-6

    Wonder why you feel like someone hammering a nail into your heel when you first place your foot down in the morning? That's because your plantar fascia relaxes and contracts while you are asleep and when you put weight on your foot, you stretch it suddently and KAPOW! Agonising pain!

    Plantar FXT pulls the toes back slightly, stretching the plantar fascia so it may heal whilst in gentle tension. Another benefit of doing this is that there will not be a sudden change in tension when your foot first takes the load of your body.

    Also may be worn during the day while seated. Features a nonslip bottom that helps prevent slipping. Special lining is clinically proven to maintain an elevated skin temperature while still allowing the skin to ventilate for long-term comfort. Hand wash with mild detergent and air dry. Clinically proven effective overnight treatment.

    The Plantar FXT works especially well in treating Plantar Fasciitis and  Heel Spurs when used in combination with the Heel Seats and Pro Health Socks. 

How to use
    Simply slip over foot and adjust the tension strap for a gentle pull on toes.
    Materials : Velcro, Neoprene
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