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Causes of Acne

Saturday, February 3, 2018 5:12:32 PM Asia/Singapore


Acne TriangleAlthough pimples or ACNE are a symbol of youthfulness, it’s something we could do well without. They are triggered by changing hormones and improper skin care resulting in plugged pores. Once the pores are plugged, bacteria begins to flourish and inflamation occurs due to the dead skin, bacterial waste and gunk.

Emotional stress tends to modify hormonal levels, triggering the production of a sticky substance (sebum) which, clogs the pores. Unfortunately, try telling a hormone raging teenager to stay calm. But, it is a good approach to acne control. Recent findings have affirmed that a diet high in refined sugar increase a person’s chance of developing acne.

Treating acne is a slow-ish process. It takes about 6 to 8 weeks to see results. So, no immediate results. Benzol Peroxide is a common treatment. It doesn’t usually have serious side effects. Some people may develop a reaction against it. So, start off using it sparingly at first. Better safe than sorry. Both oral and topical antibiotics work. Topical antibiotics have fewer side effects but oral ones work better usually. Your doctor will decide the best form of treatment. There is a third treatment which uses vitamin A derivatives. These carry significant health risks if used improperly and will not discuss here. Only qualified dermatologists and specialists would prescribe these in special circumstances

So, the main thing here is to keep the skin clean. An effective deep cleansing soap and a good quality gentle scrub that does not contain harsh chemicals will help. The less “bad stuff” you put on your skin, the better.

So, our project began. shea has lots of soap which are gentle and safe to use, but we needed a special soap. There are plenty of soap out there that claim to do magic. But, the elusive special soap eluded us. Then, by chance, our shea butter supplier mentioned Black Soap used in Ghana. Black Soap? They told us that Black Soap was especially good for oily scalps and skin. AHAH! So I asked her to send some black soap to us. When shea received it... it WAS NOT BLACK! It looked like fruit cake? It was not black like the other stuff we had seen on the market. Many a time, the "black soap" in the market was just soap that had a black dye.

So, what so special about this fruit cake soap? Firstly, it's made by hand over a coal fire, in a village. So, super traditional. Secondly, it was made with simple, true to nature ingredients like shea butter and cocoa butter. What blew us away was that the soap was saponified using the ashes of cocoa pod shells and plantain skins. So, no Lye. This was really pure soap. and traditional. with no "modern" ingredients. You may find pieces of ash in your soap. So, you know this is the real thing.

I tried it. Oh WOW! Absolutely brilliant on my super oily skin. I now only use this for my face and scalp. My two teenage daughters also use this for their face and i must say, their acne is well under control. Only an occasional "popper" once in a while.

Now, we understood that the dirt in the air definitely causes a problem, and the air in Singapore is oily due to all the petrochemical industries surrounding us. Just check out the blades on your fats, the dust is not "dusty", it's oily. We also needed a gentle scrub to clean the face. Now, my teen daughter became a source of help. Her Turkish friend living in the UK uses an American face scrub (talk of an international mix) that she said was the “best in the world”. She had a massive problem with acne and this scrub did not have a negative effect. So, good teen daughter sends her some black soap and, to make a short story longer, my daughters friend saw some positive results after a few weeks of use. She in turn sent a really nice scrub to daughter. I must say, it was good. Very very good. So, this happy story ends with shea being able to offer this combo to those suffering with acne. We liked the scrub so much that we also decided to bring in their argan face wash. You can read about it in the website under the ARGAN menu.

So, it short (sort of…) The soap should be able to remove all the built-up gunk to help unclog pores without damaging the skin. The scrub should not be sugar/salt/oil based as these have sharp edges that might scratch your already sensitive skin, causing more inflammation, causing more problems.

Remember that all particulate matter, such as foundation and powder add to the problem as these fine particles mix with the thick sticky sebum to block pores. Pregnant women, ladies during their periods and teens all have wild hormonal fluctuations. Skip the make up. It aggravates the problem. Just keep your skin clean, eat healthy and lay off the sugary stuff (by the way, laying off sugary stuff is important for everyone, our biggest problem nowadays is sugar, not oil, but that’s another story) and keep calm.

Be nice. Share this info with your family and friends who need acne help. It won't cost you a thing but you will definitely make someones life better.





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The Power of African Black Soap

Monday, May 11, 2015 11:50:20 AM Asia/Singapore


First and foremost, African Black Soap is NOT BLACK. It is brown/black in colour. It is most used in Ghana and Nigeria and is soft with an organic shape. It has a delicate texture with a  natural earthy smell. It is not oily or scented. Black Soap has been used for hair care & skin care for centuries. Today people from all walks of life are benefiting from this amazing African soap. It is made of plantain skins, palm kernel oil, palm oil, cocoa pod, coconut oil, and natural sodium. It is a natural source of vitamin A and E and Iron.
 It is very mild and gentle and does not contain lye.


Uses of black soap:

  • Acne control
  • Reduce blemishes
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Shampoo


Is black soap worth all the hype? You bet. On our skin, it is absolutely magic. African Black Soap aka ABS  is worth all the hype.

While the recipe varies, ABS is handmade from the ashes of cocoa pods, shea tree bark and plaintain leaves and mixed with various soothing and healing oils such as shea butter, cocoa butter, palm oil and coconut oil, creating its deliciously distinct aroma and amazing properties.  And don’t let it’s appearance fool you — although dark brown and crumbly in texture, this African-born skin miracle will become a staple in your cleansing routine. And remember, African African Black Soap is NOT BLACK. It looks like fruit cake.

It’s benefits are awesome and severely underrated, so we’re shouting them from the rooftops.  Here’s why ABS is so amazing:

It is best for oily skin.  If  you have oily skin, regular use will help remove additional oils from the skin thus preventing the formation of pimples. Absolutely brilliant for teens. Good for oily scalp too.

It’s a super cleanser.  Well of course, it’s soap (DUH!) . …I mean really really clean. Without dryness.  There’s more.  The charcoal in ABS can help absorb body odors and bacteria, while its formula is gentle enough for makeup removal.

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Face Cleansing for Men

Thursday, September 11, 2014 1:02:49 PM Asia/Singapore



Step 1 – Cleansing
Clean your face at least twice a day using a mild facial soap like our African Black Soap or, Goat's Milk Soap with Neem,These are very pure soaps and do not contain harsh detergents and chemicals. A wash in the morning and then again in the evening is good.

The skin on your face is far more sensitive than the rest of your body, so choosing the correct products for the job are essential. Regular soap is usually too harsh for your face, especially if its detergent based (contains sulphates), can harm the skin as they contain harsh chemicals.

A mud mask used twice a week will benefit the skin greatly. Bomb Cosmetics mud masks help by sucking out dirt and grime from the pores thus helping prevent blocked pores and acne etc.

Step 2 - Exfoliation
Exfoliating (removing dead skin) is an important step for proper skin care. Use a proper facial scrub, because body exfoliators are often too rough for use on your face. Our Bomb Cosmetics scrubs with moisturiser are ideal for this.

To apply, wet your face with water, dab the scrub on the face and use your finger tips to massage the entire surface of your face in small circles. Do not massage your eyelids, or under your eyes as this skin is far more sensitive. Exfoliation twice a week should suffice. We do recommend exfoliating before shaving.

Step 3 - Moisturising
Toners are aftershaves without alcohol. Nothing beats our pure hand-pressed argan oil from Saadia Organics. Alcohol only dries out the skin, so applying an alcohol based tonic after a shave will merely damage your skin more. A toner will usually contain helpful nutrients such as vitamin E, and should be applied after shaving to help with the damage caused by the razor.

Moisturising is an extremely important daily process that will help keep your skin young, supple and striking.

There. 3 simple steps. Thats it!

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