ECZEMA is part of the “atopic triad”. Nasal Allergy and Asthma make up the other two. These three are closely related.  Although eczema is an allergic reaction, most cases are not due to food allergies. In kids, the most common trigger is DRY SKIN.

For most people dry skin is not an issue, but for eczema sufferers, dry skin results in intense itch. Usually, due to micro cracks on the skin. This is made worse when the salt in sweat comes in contact with these micro cracks. When salt hits a wound, it hurts. This is exactly the same thing. But, on a different scale. Due to the cracks being so tiny, our brain interprets the “pain” as a large collection of tiny irritations, ie, an itch.

Once the itching starts, the eczema sufferer begins to scratch and the skin surface is damaged. This leads to redness and rawness, sometimes accompanies by bleeding. This could get infected. We have discovered that the key is the itch. If this can be controlled, the sufferer won’t scratch, and the skin will not be damaged. We needed to find a way to break this cycle.

Eczema usually (not always) has an age relationship. For infants, it’s the face, ears and neck. School age children usually have it behind the knees, armpits, inside of the elbows and wrists. Adolescents and adults tend to have it on the hands and feet. Eczema is also, seasonal. It hits hardest in the dry months (not hot humid months but dry months)

Understanding this, shea® started our research. Our goal was to locate a substance that would not irritate the skin when applied, would keep the eczema afflicted area moisturized and promote healing. We identified a particular grade of 100% pure unrefined SHEA butter that has all these properties. It was high in vitamin E that promoted healing, it did not irritate the skin and it kept the skin moisturized without blocking the pores or leaving a sticky after feel. Yes, it took us a very long time to find the perfect type. But we did it.

We did not stop there. We did more research. And we realized that Argan Oil had similar properties. It was logical. Both Shea and Argan come from the same family of trees. We went about searching for a good Argan Oil and we got into talks with Saadia Organics who had 100% pure Argan Oil that was absolutely superb. Also, argan oil had other benefits, amongst them being able to help reduce wrinkles, fine lines and reducing fibrillation of hair, (resulting is smoother, glossier hair).

Now armed with two of the best natural products, shea® is able to help eczema sufferers. We usually recommend argan oil for the face and neck areas and shea butter for other parts of the body. Explore our site and learn more in our knowledge base. Talk to us if you need help. It won't cost you a thing (except for the phone call), and, don’t keep this info to yourself, refer other eczema sufferers to read this, you will be doing them a great service.

ps. Eczema sufferers, please do not bathe in very hot water. Your water shoudl be just "not cold" . Also, apply the shea butter or argan oil immediately after you've towelled dry after your shower. it helps trap moisture even better. And, please, use the right soap. Your soap should not contain any of the nasty stuff. Our soaps do not contain sulphates, phthalates, EDTA, parabens, or any stuff that would irritate your skin.If you are not sure, speak to us.

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